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Civil Litigation Attorneys Serving Fort Worth, TX

Disagreements and disputes among people are inevitable. Difference in ideas, morals, agreements, and viewpoints cause conflict, and when people cannot settle the conflict on their own, they may opt to sue, or take their case to civil court. If you are considering taking a civil disagreement to court, it is important to seek counsel from an experienced civil lawyer to aggressively and effectively litigate on your behalf. Wood | Sanchez Law civil attorneys in Fort Worth have been providing sound legal guidance and representation for civil disputes since 1985.

About Texas Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is just another way of saying lawsuit. Civil court cases in Fort Worth and The Woodlands take longer and are usually set for trial within 18 months of filing but can be settled out of court at any time. Criminal trials are faster due to the defendant’s right to a speedy trial.

Like many other facets of law, civil litigation can be quite complex and difficult to navigate. Civil lawsuits include a varied spectrum of law issues wherein individuals, businesses or other entities seek monetary damages or other restitution as opposed to criminal punishment when disputes go to trial. Therefore, issues pertaining to criminal defense law, like drug possession, domestic violence and DWI charges, are outside the jurisdiction of a civil attorney or civil court proceedings.

Oftentimes, people will settle lawsuits out of court at any time during a civil litigation case. Having competent counsel during the settlement process will help you know your rights, weigh the benefits of settlement versus proceeding to trial, and afford expert counsel during the process. If it turns out that settlement is not an option for either party, having a civil litigation attorney by your side is worth it. Going to civil court unrepresented or underrepresented can cost more than the savings of attorney’s fees.

The Civil Litigation Process

The civil litigation process is pretty straightforward but can take quite some time to get from the preliminary proceedings to settlement. From a broad standpoint, civil litigation has seven stages:

The most lengthy and arduous portion of the civil litigation process is the discovery stage when the parties collect relevant information and carry out research to heighten their position in the case. Discovery can vary greatly, depending on the situation and the experience of your attorney to know what to look for in your individual case. The Fort Worth based civil lawyers at Wood | Sanchez Law are known among our individual and business clients as well as within our community for showing the utmost persistence and commitment to excellence when carrying out the civil litigation process.

Civil Law Attorneys

Contact our civil attorneys in Fort Worth for skilled civil litigation. Whether the case is a family law issue, business lawsuit, or real estate matter, our civil lawyers are well versed in carrying out civil litigation for an array of law areas. Our reputation and commitment to integrity and thoroughness make  Wood | Sanchez Law, PLLC one of your strongest allies when dealing with civil issues. Call us at 1-888-981-7509 or contact us online to discover how we can help you.

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