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Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law, a reputable law firm, proudly serves Roanoke, TX. Our practice areas include family law, estate law, and civil litigation. Get in touch today!


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Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law, a reputable firm, proudly serves Roanoke, TX. Our practice areas are family law, estate, and civil litigation. Get in touch!

We will provide detailed advice regarding your next steps. We understand how stressful it can be to find the right legal counsel. The key to your success is choosing the right firm. We can help find you an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in Roanoke, or the surrounding area.

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Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law is available to the greater Roanoke area. Our expertise includes divorce, child custody, estate planning and many other areas. Our expertise also includes mediation, civil litigation, business law, and civil litigation. Our lawyers are committed to our clients. We listen to you, provide advice, and answer all your questions.

We will give you detailed advice on your next steps. We understand that it can be difficult to find legal counsel. Your success is dependent on choosing the right law firm. We can help you locate an experienced, well-rounded lawyer in Roanoke and the surrounding areas.

Bryan Abercrombie, Samuel Sanchez And Nida Wood Are Pleased to represent clients that reside in various Dallas-Fort Worth, TX suburbs
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    Samuel Sanchez

    managing partner, certified mediator

    As a certified mediator and guardian ad litem, Samuel M. Sanchez has a clear insight into the long-term effects a parent’s decision will have on their family, especially children.
    Nida Wood

    Managing Partner

    Nida C. Wood has been licensed to practice law for over 11 years and has handled legal matters related to family law, civil law, business law, and criminal law.
    Bryan Abercrombie

    managing partner, Board certified in family law

    Bryan L. Abercrombie has extensive experience in domestic relations matters including trial, jury trial, appellate and collaborative law.
    Big Firm Experience

    Mr. Abercrombie, Mr. Sanchez, and Ms. Wood worked at the largest family law firm in America. Our lawyers specialize in helping families through divorce and other difficult times of their lives. Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling complex divorces as well as difficult legal issues. Our team brings together over 40 years of legal expertise and experience to help you with your legal matter.

    Affordable & Transparent

    We understand that legal action can be costly. Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law aims at providing affordable legal solutions to you and your loved ones. We are proud of our customer service and communication. Do not settle for a law firm that does not give you the care and attention you need. We are here to help you.

    Steadfast Allies

    It doesn’t matter what your situation is, it’s in your best interests to talk to one of our lawyers. We can help you understand your rights and make sure you have all the information you need. We can also help you to take decisive actions when it comes time for your divorce proceedings. Get started by calling Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law for a thorough consultation. As we work together on your family law matter, we can answer all your questions.

    Small Firm Service

    You, as our client, will receive the personalized and specialized service you require to help you achieve your goals. Experienced and knowledgeable counsel is essential for you at your most difficult times. Let us help you.

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