Estate Planning in Fort Worth

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protecting the people you love

Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Fort Worth, TX

Part of what sets Wood | Sanchez Law apart from other law firms is the comprehensive legal help we offer our clients. When it comes to estate planning, everyone’s needs differ, both now and in the future. When you experience a major life change – get married, start a business, start a family, get divorced, sell or retire a business – it is important to look at your “big picture” once more, and make sure the right plans and documents are in place to preserve your assets and protect the people you love.


Protecting your Family and Assets through Estate Planning

Making plans for your demise may seem morbid, but in fact you are preparing for the rest of your life as well. Our estate planning lawyers in Fort Worth know that living trusts, wills, and other estate planning products can minimize taxes now and later, as well as protect assets and ease management of financial and legal affairs.

The best estate plan is your own. While friends and colleagues can suggest wealth management tools and estate planning routes, it is important to build an estate plan that is unique to you, ensuring your individual and business interests will be protected and your loved ones taken care of. Estate planning, business succession planning (exit planning), guardianship, and probate services are some ways to preserve the business you’ve built and protect the people you love.

Wood | Sanchez Law’s estate planning lawyers in Fort Worth and The Woodlands tailor each estate plan for the circumstances and objectives of the client. Our will and living trust attorneys will recommend a customized estate plan using some of the resources below after evaluating your financial situation, your loved ones’ needs, and your personal goals:

Get comprehensive legal help today in these and other matters related to estate planning, asset protection, and probate from Wood | Sanchez Law.

Texas Estate Administration Probate Lawyer

If you are an executor of an estate,  Wood | Sanchez Law’s estate planning lawyers in Fort Worth who specialize in wills and living trusts, and will prepare you for the probate process, including cataloging and distributing assets, complete document preparation, paying debts, locating heirs, and closing out the estate. We do all we can to streamline the process of probate to minimize the costs of probate, but also the stress and time involved in probate and estate administration. Learn more about how our probate attorneys can assist you with:


Wood | Sanchez Law estate planning attorneys represent guardians throughout the State of Texas. When a guardianship is at hand, our attorneys guide you through the judicial process to obtain temporary and permanent guardianship through the courts, as well as advise on other guardianship matters that may arise.

Estate Litigation

Disputes over an estate, will or living trust, heirship or guardianship can have a devastating impact on your family, causing lifelong hard feelings as well as lengthy delays in the probating of an estate. We work to resolve disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while taking steps to preserve relationships when possible. We can assist you with estate litigation for:

Let us help resolve life’s challenges

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    the protection you deserve

    Protect Your Family, Assets, and Business

    Get the legal counsel you need from the experienced estate planning and probate team at  Wood | Sanchez Law. Call our firm at 1-888-981-7509 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.  Wood | Sanchez Law provides probate, division of property, estate litigation and guardianship services from its estate planning law offices in Fort Worth. If you require assistance establishing a written will, our will attorney is here to help you as well. We serve clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas as well as other areas by request.