Child Custody in Keller

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What about my children?

Child Custody Attorneys in Keller

Decision-making power over your child’s wellbeing and safety must be carefully considered to ensure they are supported. While endless details can change depending on your situation, working with a Keller child custody attorney who understands how precious your children are is the best way to keep their best interests at the forefront.

One of the more challenging aspects of child custody is putting personal feelings aside to center the children’s needs. During custody battles, there can be conflicting ideas of what the future should look like. Working with a child custody attorney who understands the law and applies it to the unique situation you and your family are facing helps create a healthy plan for your children.

Another challenge facing child custody decisions is what happens while decisions are made. In this case, a temporary order can be granted. A temporary order covers custodial decisions prior to an agreement.


Types of Child Custody

For Texas families, there are two main options for child custody, sole and joint custody. Each type differs regarding time spent with the child, control over decisions and lifestyle, and legal decisions. 

Sole Custody

  • The child lives with one parent.
  • The custodial parent can make lifestyle decisions parents tend to make (schooling, religion, etc.)
  • One parent makes all legal decisions for the child.


Joint Custody

  • The child spends time living with both parents.
  • Lifestyle and legal decisions are made together.
  • Often takes assistance programs into consideration.

Why a Child Custody Attorney is Necessary

Finding a local Keller family law firm is important with high-stakes decisions like child custody. While most aspects of divorce can legally be decided without legal professionals, hiring a child custody attorney is the best way to ensure that your children are set up for success, no matter who the custodial parent is.

A local attorney can go through the situation in detail and create a Keller custody agreement that leaves no room for unintended interpretation. They can stay objective when emotions run high to prioritize your child’s welfare. Working with a compassionate attorney ensures that your children are supported throughout the divorce process and beyond.

The child custody attorneys at Wood | Sanchez Law see you and your family’s situation as unique and personal. During custody decisions, you’ll want to work with an attorney who cares about you and your children’s wellbeing. Call today to see how we can help you and your family.

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