Civil Litigation in Keller

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guiding you through disputes

At any point, a disagreement can get out of hand and turn into litigation

Commonly referred to as a lawsuit, civil litigation involves any non-criminal activity that goes before a court. When you’re facing civil litigation, you’ll want a Keller attorney by your side as you work through the court system.

One of the defining factors of civil litigation is that one party seeks compensation from the other for damages. This can include a broad range of topics, including family law and real estate disputes. A large challenge in civil litigation is getting clarity about what portion of the law your case falls under.

Another challenge facing civil litigation in Keller is the lengthy processing times. In many situations, it can be a year and a half before a decision is reached. This is because courts tend to prioritize criminal litigation. With such a long timeline, it is important to have a strong advocate as you gather information and make decisions during litigation.


The Litigation Process

Litigation takes a long time. However, it follows a set process. 

  1. Research: learning if you have a case
  2. Filing: submitting a petition to the court
  3. Notice & Response: notifying all parties involved
  4. Discovery: gathering evidence
  5. Trial: bringing the case in front of a judge
  6. Evidence & Objections: going over and settling disputes about evidence
  7. Default Adjustments: making changes post-trial if you weren’t notified properly
  8. Enforcements: enacting the judge’s ruling
  9. Appeals: one party seeking help from an appellate court after an unfavorable result


While you can legally represent yourself in civil litigation, the complexities make hiring an attorney essential. Navigating the court system is a huge undertaking; without representation, it will often cost you more time and money than hiring an attorney. Your legal counsel should help you set expectations and create a thorough case.

Even if your dispute is settled outside of court, your attorney is your best ally. They can even help you decide if settling is the best path forward. If you are entitled to benefits from your lawsuit, a strong legal team will ensure that you are taken care of and satisfied.

If you’re seeking legal counsel in Keller, whether you’re facing litigation or not, find a team that will treat you with respect. The Sanchez & Wood Law team is dedicated to helping their clients navigate difficult situations while seeing them as individuals. Get in touch with our office today to connect with an attorney.

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