Division of Property in Keller

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With wholly intertwined lives, it can be extremely difficult for divorcing spouses to agree on how to divide the things they’ve shared throughout their marriage. A Keller divorce attorney greatly advocates for you and your needs throughout the process of property division.

The largest issue with the division of assets is ensuring equity. While it might seem like a 50/50 split is a no-brainer, that philosophy doesn’t consider each spouse’s individual financial and life situation. This is where legal professionals shine; they can help you find a solution that supports your lifestyle.

Another challenge facing property division is the complex network of different property types. Often, the lines between individual and shared property can be blurred. The process of disentangling property is hugely complicated if spouses choose to divorce without representation. Hiring a divorce attorney is the best way to ensure the division is done properly.


Types of Property

Division of assets can be especially difficult because of the many types of property involved. Between yours, mine, and ours, there are shifting boundaries. Here are the four types of property you’ll typically see during property division.

  • Community Property: These are assets that are and have been shared throughout the marriage.
  • Separate Property: Separate property is property that solely belongs to one spouse.
  • Comingling Property: When separate and community property overlap, it becomes comingling property.
  • Converted Property: If your separate property becomes community property, it is considered converted property.


Your divorce attorney is your biggest asset while you separate from your spouse. A divorce attorney can help you remove yourself from the details and consider compromises. They will also advocate for you and your needs, ensuring you and your property are protected.

When looking for a legal ally in Keller, you’ll want to find one willing to give you specialized attention and look through your shared and individual properties with knowledgeable eyes. When your divorce attorney looks at your property, they know which property types should remain yours and which will need compromise.

Property division can be a huge hassle during a divorce. Working with a divorce attorney who understands what assets are important to you can help preserve your individual assets and uphold your portion of the shared ones. Talk to the Keller team at Sanchez & Wood Law to learn how we can help you protect yourself.

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