Divorce in Keller

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Divorce Lawyers in Keller, TX

Divorce is a difficult, painful process where complex decisions are made while a family is grieving and changing. When you’re looking for a divorce attorney, find one who sees your situation. Wood | Sanchez Law team has over four decades of combined experience helping clients navigate divorce.

One of the major challenges facing divorcing spouses is remaining civil. When a situation is emotional, it is easy to allow a situation to spiral. The heated nature of divorce makes hiring a divorce attorney essential. They allow you to take a step back and trust that your needs are heard.

Another challenge in divorce is making decisions about child custody and child support. Children are the most important factor in making divorce decisions. It’s important to find legal representation to keep your children’s safety and well-being at the forefront of every decision.


Navigating a Divorce

Most divorces in Keller go through a similar process. The state of Texas has a set of four steps that must be met for a divorce to be finalized. Your attorney can help you follow them correctly.


  • Petition: A petition is when one spouse (the Petitioner) initiates the divorce process.
  • Waiver: The other spouse (the Respondent) lets the state know they have received the petition for divorce.
  • Answer: The answer is when the Respondent must file a response to the Petitioner and their stipulations. 
  • Divorce Decree: The divorce is finalized when a decree is granted.

Finding a Keller Divorce Attorney

While it’s possible to get through a divorce without you or your spouse seeking an attorney, it makes the process much more difficult. The pitfalls of an unrepresented divorce include lack of organization, bias, and improper division of assets. Seeking a divorce attorney is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your needs as your life enters a new chapter.

A divorce attorney will also give you the objectivity you need to see the greater picture. It is easy to get lost in the details during a painful process. Your attorney should help you compromise and make the appropriate decisions.

When you’re going through a difficult divorce, look for a Keller team of legal professionals who will treat you with the compassionate care you deserve. Wood | Sanchez Law sees you and your case as unique and individual. Talk to a team member to learn how we can help you through this season of life.

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