Child Support in Keller

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What about my children?

Child Support Lawyers in Keller, TX

Child support is one of the ways that divorced parents in Keller can ensure that their custody agreement keeps their children safe. By offering financial support, the noncustodial parent can continue to provide for their children despite the living situation.

As emotional a process as child custody and support agreements can be, they are the best way to take care of your children during a divorce. The high emotions can distract from the children’s welfare or make paying child support seem punitive. In reality, giving and receiving child support payments is just another way of being a parenting team.

Another factor that makes child support decisions fraught is how situations inevitably change. One parent might lose or gain a job or even move out of state with the children. These intricate, complicated changes can make it difficult to keep up with regular child support payments. An attorney can clarify the situation and lead you and your family through any legal changes.


Four Factors in Child Support Decisions

How do attorneys agree on the right sum for child support payments? It’s normal to be confused or unclear, especially as shared finances are split and family structure changes. There are a lot of complications in reaching a sum, but it typically involves these four factors. 


  • The noncustodial parent pays 20% of their income for one child. Additional children each add 5%.
  • If there are 4 or more children, the sum is capped at 40%.
  • Even on unemployment, parents must pay child support.
  • With joint custody, the sum changes.

How a Keller Attorney Can Help

Your attorney works for you and your family. When a child support agreement becomes necessary, your attorney from  Sanchez & Wood Law will approach the situation with compassion, so you and your children are both taken care of financially.

A child support attorney can also take what is a difficult, emotional conflict and make it less intimidating, guiding you through every decision. Your attorney gives you the time and perspective to consider the options objectively. This benefits your children and ensures that they are, as they should be, everyone’s top priority.

When it comes to child support, your children should be the first consideration. Work with a child support attorney from Sanchez & Wood Law to learn how you and your spouse can create an agreement with your child’s welfare in mind. Get in touch with our Keller team to discuss your options today.

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