Division of Property in Texas

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protecting your life’s investments and acquisitions

Division of Property Attorneys Serving TX

The foundation of Texas divorce is having the Court determine how to divide and characterize your assets and liabilities. We will protect your assets and acquires so that a Court can make a fair and equitable division of your community property. This will also preserve and protect any separate property. It can be difficult to prove separate property during a divorce. Our experienced attorneys in Texas real estate will help you to find a way that protects your separate property and other assets.


Dividing property is one of the most complicated areas of divorce. This requires professional guidance and expertise. There are often disputes over the value or character of assets. Our combined expertise in complex property division, and the use of and preparation of expert financial witnesses may be required to give the Court a clear understanding of our client’s situation so it can determine the most equitable division to preserve the client’s estate rights. Although some cases do not require such evidence in all cases, it is possible for spouses to disagree on which assets are community property, or be unwilling or unable to admit hidden assets or wasteful spending.

With years of experience and professional guidance, we can help you determine the best strategies to protect, recover and preserve your assets. Our experience includes divorce cases that deal with the estate and trust preservation, real property interests (both residential-commercial), employer benefits, retirement plans, stock options, royalties, and dividends, as well as family and closely held business, earnings, capital investments, ranch/farm properties, assets including livestock, breeding rights, equipment, intellectual property, and patents. Protecting all your hard work is a must. We can help you ensure that you have the protection you need during divorce proceedings or other property divisions.

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