Mediation in Texas

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Mediation Attorneys Serving Texas

Mediation is a great way for people to resolve their disagreements and reach a final agreement. If mediation succeeds, the spouses are able to avoid going before a judge. They can decide between themselves, with the assistance of counsel, the best decisions regarding child custody and divisions of assets, and other elements in a divorcing decree. You should consider having certified mediators assist you in this process.  Wood | Sanchez Law offers certified mediators for divorce in Texas. They can help you work through your disagreements and reach a final agreement.


Things to know about mediation in Texas

Be Prepared

Are you receiving the right advice from a qualified mediator lawyer? What are your goals for mediation? Are you able to reach an agreement that could be irrevocable with the other side?

Privacy in Mediation

Everyone involved in mediation is subject to confidentiality. The judge who is in charge of your case will not see anything discussed. The final agreement is what the judge will see. These privacy rules allow both parties to be flexible and offer solutions that might not be approved by the court. Each party may believe that anything said during mediation could be used against them later on. This will prevent the parties from ever communicating. It is the process of negotiating and coming to an agreement together in order to create a new working life.


Many people who go through trial divorce feel that they were not heard, that their stories were shortened, and that the judge didn’t fully understand all facts. While having an objective third party can sometimes be helpful, most people will agree that you and your spouse are the best architects of your family after divorce.

Mediation allows you to control the outcome. Mediation is about you. It can be quick and easy or it can take you time to ask questions, consider your options and discuss the best way to proceed. Our Texas mediation lawyers will help you to reach an agreement that is binding. It is signed and submitted to the judge. You cannot leave it unsigned and have it returned the next day to alter or reject. Your spouse and you have full control and power. The Court is bound by almost every agreement in most cases just as the parties are. Therefore, it is important to bring an attorney with your spouse to mediation. This will ensure that the deal is in your best interests and those of your family.


Different jurisdictions have different times for mediation. Mediation may take place in Harris or Montgomery Counties at two different times. One before you attend any contested matter in temporary court and one before you go to the final trial. Some counties in Texas or Florida only require mediation to be attempted before the final trial. To ensure that mediation is successful, speak with a Texas divorce mediator.


The cost of litigation is high; however, the cost of a certified mediator is significantly lower. Litigation involves taxing the estates and the mental and emotional well-being of both parties. It is often attractive for parties to save money and ensure that funds are maintained in their accounts. Divorce litigation costs and court costs can be avoided. You will likely understand this sentiment if you have worked hard, and saved for your children’s college, or your retirement.

Wood | Sanchez Law employs certified divorce mediators in Fort Worth, and the Woodlands, to assist you with this process.

Mediation For Lawyers in Texas

For legal professionals across Texas, Sanchez, & Wood Law offers specialized mediation services, adept at resolving conflicts between lawyers and their clients. With an impressive 100% success rate in mediations, our team brings expertise and neutrality to every session. We understand the complexities of lawyer-client relationships and are committed to facilitating solutions that honor both parties’ perspectives. Whether you’re in a major city or a small town in Texas, our mediators are equipped to provide the support and guidance needed for successful and satisfactory conflict resolution.

Why Hire Us As Your Mediation Lawyer?

At Wood | Sanchez Law, we understand the complexities and emotional nuances of mediation. Our distinguished team of attorneys brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of success to the mediation table, making us an ideal choice for those seeking adept legal guidance in resolving conflicts amicably. 

Samuel Sanchez stands out not just for his comprehensive knowledge of family law, but also for his unwavering commitment to clients and community. This dedication has earned Samuel numerous recognitions, including the coveted “10 Best Attorneys” award for client satisfaction, a testament to his ability to blend legal acumen with compassionate advocacy. Completing our trio of experts is Nida Wood, celebrated for her compassionate approach and deep understanding of family and psychological dynamics. Her background in psychology adds a unique dimension to her mediation expertise, allowing for resolutions that are both legally sound and emotionally considerate.


Our firm,  Wood | Sanchez Law, stands apart for our collective experience, our numerous awards, and our unwavering commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. We believe in the power of mediation to resolve disputes efficiently and amicably, preserving relationships and minimizing emotional and financial stress. When you choose us as your mediation lawyers, you’re not just hiring a legal team; you’re partnering with award-winning professionals dedicated to guiding you through the mediation process with empathy, skill, and exceptional legal acumen. Discover the difference dedicated, award-winning mediation attorneys can make in your case. Reach out to Sanchez, & Wood Law today.

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