Avoiding Common Pitfalls Clients Make in Divorce & Child Custody Cases

Tips from Our Family Law Attorneys Serving Fort Worth & The Woodlands, TX

Family law matters are typically quite stressful, but you may not realize how subtly complex and strategic they can be as well. Here at Wood | Sanchez Law, our experienced family law attorneys have seen it all over the years, and what we’ve often seen is the same missteps being made again and again. We’ve handled countless divorce and child custody cases for families throughout Forth Worth, The Woodlands, and the surrounding areas of Texas. Take advantage of the knowledge we’ve gained by following these tips to avoid common pitfalls.

Consult with a Family Law Attorney Early

Our first recommendation is likely the most important. In most family law situations, several of the key
elements occur near the beginning of the process, yet people often wait until something dramatic
occurs down the road to seek representation. If you find the right legal team from the outset, however,
they will be able to guide you through all the other essential “do’s” and “do not’s” of various
procedures. This means a lawyer who specializes in divorce or child custody cases, understands tax law,
and has trial experience. Do not sign or file for anything without first consulting with your attorney.

Simple Strategies

Once you accomplish the critical first step of finding your ideal family law attorney, the following tips may or may not apply to your unique circumstances. Our team feels it is helpful, however, to make clients aware that certain assumptions people often hold might not be accurate. For example:

  • You should not move out of the house, as this will give your spouse more power in the eyes of
    the court and generally lead to you having to pay more in alimony and support.
  • You should not agree to a temporary child custody arrangement that involves the child spending
    the majority of their time with the other parent, as will this establish a precedent of familiarity
    which the courts will often wish to continue.
  • You should not relocate with your child, even if you are the primary caretaker, as the other
    party’s custodial rights may be impacted by this, creating unintended complications and
    consequences for you.
  • You should not ignore or speak freely in your communications that take place online or through
    text messages, as all of this can be shown to the judge and may reflect poorly on you.
  • You should not quit your job or pursue other means of artificially lowering your income level in
    the hopes of receiving more support, as the court will perceive this negatively. 

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