Why Choose Mediation?

The word "mediation" written on one piece of a puzzle.

Not only can mediation save money versus divorce, but it promotes a positive dispute resolution rather than adversarial procedures.

Who Pays Fees In A Divorce?

Who Pays Fees In A Divorce

In Texas, each party is usually responsible for attorneys fees, however, the judge can also make the decision on a case-by-case basis.

How To Download Facebook Profile

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When we are consulting on your case, we may need your social media profile information. Click the link in the blog to see how!

How To Divorce A Narcissist

Narcissism Mind Map

If you’re deciding to divorce the narcissist you’re currently married to, I advise you to prepare for a high conflict divorce.

3 Questions When Choosing an Attorney in Texas

Choosing the Right Attorney

When considering what to ask when choosing an attorney, I found that it closely mirrors dating. That initial encounter is filled with hope, stress, curiosity and the desire to make a connection.

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

If you’ve ever wondered “how much does divorce cost”, the documentary, Divorce Corp. just might be for you. Currently, it shows that the family law industry is racking up as much as $50 billion a year.

How Divorce Attorneys Prepare Clients for Mediation

Trust the Experienced Divorce Lawyers at Wood | Sanchez Law to Get You Fully Prepared for Mediation Making the decision to get a divorce may feel like one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. Unfortunately, the challenges do not stop there, as going through the divorce process is filled with emotional ups and downs. Working with […]

Avoiding Common Pitfalls Clients Make in Divorce & Child Custody Cases

Tips from Our Family Law Attorneys Serving Fort Worth & The Woodlands, TX Family law matters are typically quite stressful, but you may not realize how subtly complex and strategic they can be as well. Here at Wood | Sanchez Law, our experienced family law attorneys have seen it all over the years, and what […]