Can A Single Person Adopt?

Adoption As A Single Parent

Starting a family is something that is especially important, not only to married couples, but for those who are unmarried as well. So, in Texas, if you’re single, can you adopt? If you want to provide a loving environment to a child or children in need, then, yes, you can! Adopting as a single parent will be no different from that of a married couple. However, it is a lengthy process that can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know what to expect. We’ll provide you an overview of the requirements and procedures that need to be followed.

The Process In Texas For Adoption

Even though a single person can adopt in Texas, there are still some requirements that apply to anyone applying to adopt a child. Keep in mind, that being eligible is just the first step:

  • Being at least 21 years old and financially stable
  • If married, divorced or widowed, proof of your status (only if applicable to you)
  • Able to provide relative and non-relative references
  • Agreement to a home study
  • Have a clear criminal history background check
  • A clear abuse and neglect check on any adults in the household
  • Attendance of free training that teaches about disadvantaged and abused children

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