Can Parents Agree To No Child Support?

Agreements With Zero Support

There are unique situations in which parents can agree to pay no child support. Here, in Texas, specifically, your judge determines whether or not it serves the best interest of the child or children, of course. Don’t confuse this with one party simply not wanting to pay child support to the other. Rather, circumstances where it’s agreed that there are enough financial resources to support the child (or children). While this may be an option in Texas, the judge could also deny the request.

When Would This Be An Option

Child support is meant to cover the expenses of your child, from food, clothing and healthcare to education. A legally binding schedule ensures that this is being handled without issue. However, you may have an amicable relationship and both parties may have comparable incomes, allowing for this option. In this instance, the judge may find it unnecessary to have arbitrary payments flow from one party to the other.

The Law Is The Law

Ultimately, you present your motion to the Judge who decides if you have the option to pay no child support. By no means should you ever attempt to side step or bypass any legally binding directive as it could prove detrimental to your case. As always, we’re here to help you navigate this difficult matter, visit our website or schedule a consultation 24/7. Remember, even if both parents agree to pay no child support, you are bound to the guidelines of the ruling. After all, the Judge has the best interest of the your child mind and the law is the law.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

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