Dealing With Parental Plan Violations

Violations & Consequences

If you find yourself in a shared custody or child support situation that is spiraling out of control fast, you should take action immediately. When the other parent is violating their end of your custody or parental support plan, you may need to enlist the court’s assistance to make them comply. There are a number of ways that this can be enforced. Parental plan violations can be dealt with through charges of civil and/or criminal contempt. However, they can also penalize through wage garnishments, license suspensions, property liens and a host of other methods. Due to all the consequences, it’s best to consult with an attorney or a family law practice guide for more information about your options.

How To Enforce Visitation Orders

To file an enforcement order, the Texas Family Code 157.002 requires very specific things:

  1. The provisions of the order you seek to enforce (which part of the order the respondent violated)
  2. The manner of the respondent’s alleged noncompliance (what the other parent did or did not do)
  3. The request for relief by the movant (what you’re asking the court to do for you)

You will also need to submit evidence of the violation(s). This could include detailed data or submission of dates and times. Your attorney will want to establish a pattern of violations that the other parent has committed to show the court. It could be records that you notated during each occurrence, text messages or emails. If you notice a pattern of violations occurring, begin documenting everything sooner than later.

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