Dealing With Teachers When Divorced

Communication Is Key

The back to school process is already racked with stress whether your divorced or not. This time of year can be especially more taxing for those that are recently divorced. So how do you go about communicating with teachers while navigating this new experience? The key to dealing with teachers when divorced boils down to communication and strategic planning. This is not the type of situation that can easily be figured out on a day to day basis. Even if it can, it wouldn’t be without incurring undue stress and many challenges.

Steps To Take

Put a plan in place for the upcoming school year long before the first day of school. If you’re not typically the organizer in the family, you may be cringing. Before you panic, keep reading. We’ll show you what to do in order to deal with teachers when divorced. Trust us when we say that taking these preliminary steps can alleviate so much of the stress that back to school brings.

  • Notify The School– You’ll want to inform the school of any legal changes that have taken place. The administration, teachers and possibly even the nurse should be aware of your marital status in regard to your child. If possible, when dealing with teachers when divorced, request separate communications as well as in-person meetings.
  • Update Emergency Contacts– This is one of the most important things to remember to do. In the event of an emergency, the custodial parent must be contacted. Ensure that this is a smooth transition for the school by updating any address, phone number or email that may have changed since your divorce.
  • Take Advantage Of Technology– Take advantage of family organizational tools such as the OurFamilyWizard (not sponsored) or a similar website or app. These can help manage schedules, track expenses, share files and send secure messages all without speaking to your ex on the phone.
  • Check-In With Teachers & Child Periodically– Navigating divorce is going to be an ongoing process, especially with children. Check in more frequently with teachers than prior to your divorce. Changes are difficult for everyone, including your child or children. This can lead to unwanted behavior at home or in school. It’s important to work as a team with your child’s teacher and your ex to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

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