Divorce Sucks


You know how everyone always says that DEATH and TAXES are the two things in life guaranteed?  Well we’re adding a third one and it’s that DIVORCE SUCKS! I don’t mean like you had a bad day sucks or your kid didn’t make the lead in the school play sucks but full on rip your heart out and lay in bed for a month SUCKS!  

At Wood | Sanchez Law we know how difficult divorce really is.  We’ve been handling all matters of divorce; child custody and other family law matters for a combined 31 years.  We have experience in Texas and Florida.  We haven’t seen it all yet but we’ve seen a lot and are here to help you navigate such a difficult time in your life.

We’re just two guys who worked at the BIG law firm – you know the national firm that only caters to men? Yeah, we think it’s exclusionary too especially given the current climate in America.  We’ve been in the room and at the top of the corporate law food chain and realized that what clients need and want is personalized and compassionate representation-not corporate attorneys with billable hours and TPS reports.  It’s why we both gravitated towards family law in the first place.  We wanted to help people and offer our legal expertise to help families rebuild.

We’re a boutique law firm covering mainly the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas and specialize in family law, estate planning and other business matters.  When you work with Sanchez, you’re not just getting us, you’re also getting a plethora of resources that are free to help you navigate your family issues like:


We offer a weekly podcast on so many subjects connected to your family like legal changes in child supportfirearms in your homedivorce and social mediaestate planningprobatesmall business matters and so much more.  We partner with local experts in the community to help give advice and offer help in 30 minutes or less.  Episodes on AppleSpotifyYouTube or wherever you get your podcast fix. Don’t have time to listen you can always read the transcript on our website.


On our website, we also offer FAQ’s and useful links to county clerk offices and other pertinent news and information.


We’re newly in the blogosphere too — writing about legal things –- but not boring legal things –- cool legal things.  


We’re on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube so slide into our DM’s if you want to engage with us or just be a part of our community.  It’s not all boring legal mumbo jumbo!  We keep you in the loop on when new podcasts and blog posts drop – plus we like funny lawyer memes too.

We know DIVORCE SUCKS but Sanchez is here to help.

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