Divorced Dad on Valentines Day?

Divorced on Valentines Day with Children?

Well, here you are, a divorced dad on Valentines day. You may feel jaded on a day that is dedicated to love and romance and that’s understandable. You may have imagined a different future and have negative thoughts swirling around in your head. Don’t ignore these thoughts, but instead think of how you would want your children to act in the same situation. Children that come from divorced families often prefer a healthy and loving environment. Let’s talk about how to provide that by being the best father you can, even if you are a divorced dad on Valentines day.

Take the High Road

Animosity aside, I’m sure you strive to be the best father you can, and taking the high road is part of that. It’s a direct way to show your children an example of a healthy relationship post divorce. Instead of ignoring the day or taking subtle digs at it (or your ex), embrace it! You love your children, and they most likely love their mother, so let them show it. Use the day to reinforce the fact that you’re not carrying a grudge. A few ways to accomplish this (whether it’s genuine or not) could be:

  • Send your ex-wife a Valentines day card or flowers (in a platonic, non creepy way)
  • Have your children make a card that you all can sign
  • Bonus points: send your ex-mother in law a card or flowers

Invest in Love on Valentines Day

Investing in the mental health of yourself and your children will score you big returns in the future. Being a role model or a V-day guru only sets you up for success. If you don’t believe that, think of the affect having a negative outlook would have. Let me save you some time, the ROI is way smaller. Be the divorced dad on Valentines day that wows people with your compassion or generosity. At the very least, you’ll end the day knowing you did the best you could in front of your children.

More Resources for Divorced Fathers

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