Grandparents Visitation In Texas

Grandparents Rights

Under the best of circumstances being a grandparent can be healthy and fulfilling to all family members. There are life long bonds in these relationships that can and should be fostered. However, for many decades, grandparents rights have varied widely from state to state. Even now, in 2023, specifically in Texas, grandparents still do not have automatic rights to custody or visitation.

Visitation Criteria

In Texas, a court can authorize grandparent visitation of a grandchild if it’s in the child’s best interest. According to the Texas Attorney General, one of the following circumstances must exist:

  • The parents divorced;
  • The parent abused or neglected the child;
  • The parent has been incarcerated, found incompetent, or died;
  • A court-order terminated the parent-child relationship; or
  • The child has lived with the grandparent for at least six months.

Again, visitation laws currently do not give grandparents an absolute right to visitation. Lastly, a grandparent may not request visitation if the grandchild has been adopted by someone other than the child’s step-parent. So until the laws become more grandparent friendly, it’s best to consult with competent counsel when advocating for your grandchild.

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