How Divorce Attorneys Prepare Clients for Mediation

Trust the Experienced Divorce Lawyers at Wood | Sanchez Law to Get You Fully Prepared for Mediation

Making the decision to get a divorce may feel like one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. Unfortunately, the challenges do not stop there, as going through the divorce process is filled with emotional ups and downs. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer who can help guide you through it and tell you what to expect will offer enormous benefit. Here at Wood | Sanchez Law, our divorce attorneys are proud to assist clients in the Fort Worth and The Woodlands, TX area along every step of the way. One area in which our divorce lawyers’ knowledge may be particularly useful is mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a means of alternative dispute resolution used in place of going to trial. It can save you time and money while allowing you and your spouse to figure out your affairs in a less formal setting. In some situations, mediation will be court mandated, but often clients choose this option believing it to be the best method of achieving their goals. Mediation is a very useful process when considering collaborative divorce situations such as holiday visitations.

In order to ensure the mediation process works in your favor, you will want to be sufficiently prepared for it. This is how our divorce attorney will help.

Things to Know About Mediation

Your mediation will take place over one or more sessions involving you, your spouse, both of your legal counsels, and a mediator. Before going in, our divorce lawyer will want you to have a solid idea of what the experience will be like. For example, though it will no doubt be stressful and somewhat uncomfortable, the ultimate goal is to be collaborative rather than combative.

We will also seek to establish a clear understanding of what we hope to achieve. One of the primary advantages of mediation is that the people who best understand the specific circumstances of your relationship will be the ones in the driver’s seat of the negotiations. This superior level of control should lead to a better agreement.

There are countless procedural details you will want to be aware of as well. We will cover all bases and work closely with you to set your mediation up for success. Turn to our divorce lawyer with any further questions you may have about the process so that you can feel at ease and alleviate your fears.

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