How To Download Facebook Profile

Why Do Attorneys Need This?

When we are consulting on your case, we may need your social media profile information. Opposing council may also require you to download the same information. There is a wealth of content on any of your social media accounts (or your spouses accounts). The activity, posts, photos or even groups on Facebook can be used to tell a lot about a person. We may also ask that you refrain from using your social media accounts during your case for these very same reasons. That funny picture of you doing something silly 8 years ago could show proof of parental neglect, etc. Sadly, this is whether it was factual or not. Consequently, it’s why it’s so important to download your social media profiles and provide them to your attorney.

Take Social Media Inventory

Facebook is still the most commonly used social media platform. However, the principle applies across the board to all your social media accounts. Take inventory of your social accounts, from X (we all still call it Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, your “secret” Pinterest board or even YouTube! DO NOT arbitrarily delete any of these accounts prior to speaking with an attorney. You wouldn’t want taking inventory to turn into destroying evidence. Limiting your interactions online can bring your stress level down and not provide any fuel for your spouse to use against you.

TLDR: Click this link to take you directly to Facebook’s instructions on how to download your Facebook profile.

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