International Travel While Co-Parenting

Can I Take My Child Overseas?

It’s summer, which is the perfect time to do some traveling with your family. However, this can be challenging if you plan on taking your child overseas post-divorce. This is because the custody order or parenting plan will typically outline how international travel while co-parenting is handled. For some, their court order may not stipulate that the parents need to obtain permission from each other for travel. For most, though, their court order will contain very specific requirements for parents wishing to travel with their children internationally.  

What Do I Need To Do?

So, where to begin and what to do? First things first, grab your custody order and read it thoroughly. Even if your order doesn’t clearly define travel, domestically or abroad, it would be prudent to get it put in place. In the end, both parents do have the right to receive information from the other parent about their child’s health, education, and welfare (see Texas Family Code 153.073(a)(1) ). Essentially, the most important thing to do is communicate. Family Wizard has done an excellent job at drafting a template to use as a guide when conveying travel information to the other parent. Again, the most important thing you need to do is communicate prior to making any plans.

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