International Women’s Day- Spotlight

Arabella Mansfield

Women’s rights have always been at the forefront of the struggle bus. This sadly, but accurately, extends to our legal field as well. On a positive note, over the years, more and more females are finding themselves spearheading different industries. We’re also happy to announce that this includes the legal field. So, this year on International Women’s Day, we want to spotlight Arabella Mansfield. In 1869, she was the first (OG) trailblazer whose determination has allowed others to thrive.

Breaking Barriers

Arabella spent hours in her brother’s law office reading cases and legal publications. So, when the time came, she also wanted to take the Iowa bar exam. Well, regardless of the state preventing females from taking it, she took it anyway. After passing with flying colors, she earned her degree in law! However, instead of joining her brothers firm, she instead chose to break down barriers by becoming an activist and educator. Though Arabella spent her life fighting for the women’s suffrage movement, she didn’t live to see it achieved. If only she could see how far reaching her act of courage had on modern society. I think she would be proud.

Statistics Are Rising

As of 2021, statistics are showing that women currently make up a majority (55.3%) of law school students in the United States! That’s up from the prior year and we can only hope that more and more women will continue to break the glass ceiling. There are many roles from Attorney to Attorney General that are up for grabs and we’re proud to support the women who want to rise up and fill them. Now we just have to get the pay scale to follow!

Looking For Female Representation?

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