Millennial Prenups

Why The Demand?

The millennial generation is now being known for more than just loving their pumpkin spice lattes. They’re driving the proverbial prenuptial train to the station. It’s no longer only for rich and famous celebrities. Many thirty somethings are proactively seeking out prenups in higher numbers and the demand is greater than ever before. A number of reasons may be at hand, however, higher education, marrying later in life and being a product of divorce are leading the demand. Although, unlike their predecessors, there is no love lost in the process. This generation is treating this as something akin to insurance, merely another box to check.

A Millennial Touch

It should really be no surprise that a prenup from the millennial generation is going to look different than that of one from decades ago (from the Boomer or Gen X generations). Times have changed and so have circumstances, views and cultural preferences. These are all factors that are going into the building of what a modern prenup is beginning to look like. So, what’s new?

  • Frozen Embryo’s– Like always, the law has not fully caught up with the technology behind frozen embryo’s and the like. This means you need to very carefully dictate your wishes in a clause. There should be clear answers for questions as to the storage or termination from the beginning.
  • Social Media Clauses- This is becoming a huge topic as society delves more into the damaging effects that social media can cause. Individual circumstances can lead couples to denote exactly what can or cannot be shared online. This can extend to photos, personal information or even creating accounts for their children.
  • Pet Clauses- Even though a lot of millennials are trending to not have children right away, they are typically bringing animals to the relationship. What happens to the animals during a divorce? What if you adopted the animal together during the marriage? These are all issues that need to be hashed out early on in the prenup.

Hire Legal Help

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