Is Divorce Your New Year’s Resolution?

January is “Divorce Month”

If you’ve been considering divorce during the post-holiday season, in the words of Michael Jackson, you are not alone. Divorce as a New Year’s resolution is a rising occurrence. January is called “Divorce Month” for a reason and although a bit of a misnomer, it stems from the high rate of inquisitions being placed. It’s not uncommon for some spouses to have already made up their minds about divorce long before the New Year. January simply provides the opportunity to work on your New Year’s resolution and get the process started. Logistically, this ultimately will coincide with actual filings taking place according to your state’s timeline. In Texas, this waiting period equates to 60 days.

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However, logistics aside, most people find it easy to align the New Year with a reset of their life. While we can’t deny that liberating yourself is uncomfortable, it is legitimately cathartic. Can we also agree it’s most likely overdue? While some may be able to definitively decide on ending their marriage, others may contemplate it for years. In the end, being happy all the time is not the goal. It’s to accept where you are in the present moment. As cliché as it may sound, it IS a new year and you have the right to reinvent yourself and re-evaluate your situation. If that means divorce, then feel free to explore that! We have a great (free) e-book that can give you a peek at what’s in store and it’s just a click away!

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