Paternity Fraud In Texas

Paternity Fraud & Fathers Rights

While cases of mistaken paternity are rare, they do exist and the consequences are detrimental and far reaching. The days of the comical Maury Povich episodes of paternity fraud are long gone. There’s nothing entertaining about finding out that a loved one is not related to you, as you were led to believe. This is paternity fraud and now, thankfully, in Texas, fathers have rights to protect themselves. These rights are not exactly retroactive or easy, and the best case scenario includes taking action fast.

Under Reporting Of Fraud

The first step of determining paternity fraud is knowing that something scrupulous has taken place and reporting it. This is where it gets tricky. The truth may not come out until years later or there may be little evidence to recognize that there’s an issue at all. This is why very often, paternity fraud goes unreported or ends up being under reported. Couples may try to work through the issue or flat out get divorced without acknowledging it for the sake of the minor involved.

Safeguards to Paternity Fraud

You should never feel guilty or unethical for wanting to protect and safeguard the important things and people in your life. The same way that a prenuptial agreement can be used a tool of protection, so too, can a genetic test. There are deadlines, however, to keep in mind when petitioning for this type of fraud case. This makes it all the more important to tackle this on the front end.

Need More Information?

In our podcast episode, “Who’s Your Daddy“, Bryan & Sam go more in depth regarding paternity fraud and father’s rights, including the prevalence and under reporting of fraud. They dig deeper on pertinent safeguards and the importance of catching fraud on the front side. In the end, remember, if you suspect fraud it’s imperative that you contact us sooner than later.


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