Preparing for Trial in Texas: The Discovery Process

What is the Discovery Process for a Trial in Texas?

The word discovery you can use in many ways, but have you heard it used in the context of law? The word discovery in law refers to the discovery process. If you are unsure about what the discovery process entails, our divorce lawyers at Sanchez is here to assist you.

The discovery process is related to civil cases in law that allows both sides of the case to inquire about information from the other side. The information that can be inquired about are document requests, documents, and yes or no questions. The purpose of discovery is to try to settle matters outside of a court before the court date. The discovery process is also meant to help prepare a case due to fair access to information.

Texas Divorce & The Discovery Process

If you plan on filing for a divorce in Texas, our divorce attorneys are here to assist you through every process of the divorce. If you desire to start the discovery process for your Texas divorce, there are some things you must know. Firstly, there are rules that you, your spouse, and your attorney must follow when requesting information from one another. When requesting information, you must ensure it is relevant to the case. If you request documents or information that is not related to the divorce case, you will more than likely be met with denial. For most divorces in Texas, you will need to send your discovery request to your spouse’s attorney, not the court. 

Is Child Support Affected by the Discovery Process?

In the state of Texas, each spouse is able to request information about the other spouse’s assets, liabilities, and incomes through the discovery process. That being said, there are some limits to what can be requested in discovery. In divorce cases, each party is allowed to seek only information related to the assets, liabilities, income, children and character of the other spouse.

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