Same-Sex Adoption

Starting A Family?

Starting a family is such a life changing experience and is also one that everyone should be able to have. For a lot of same-sex couples in the past, this was not legal. Luckily, in Texas, this is now possible. While the process is still a long one, same-sex adoption (for married or unmarried couples) is a reality. Texas unfortunately still allows private adoption agencies to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Due to this, you should be proactive and seek out LGBTQIA2S+ friendly adoption agencies to begin your journey.

The Same-Sex Adoption Process

Once you find an agency the process to a same-sex adoption is essentially the same as a traditional adoption. After you complete a questionnaire, you’ll have a home study. The home study is essentially a visit to your home to obtain more background information. Furthermore, you and your partner will need (FBI) background checks). The agency will process all of this while beginning the search. Upon finding the best match, you and your partner will formally accept! Following this, the placement will begin.

As this is a very exciting time, it’s best to remember there are multiple steps to this process. Lastly, approximately six months later will be your finalization hearing. Despite the long process, adoption can be an extremely rewarding experience. Your same-sex adoption just like traditional adoptions can also get complicated quickly.

Hire An Advocate

Hiring an attorney can help you as a future parent to navigate the Department of Family and Protective Services requirements.  As child support advocates, we use our expertise to assist you in making your dreams of a family come true. Reach out to us on our website, DM or call us today at 888-981-7509. Our team of attorneys will advocate for you. Let us help put your mind at ease while you navigate this new chapter of your life.

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