Child Custody in Southlake

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What about my children?

Child Custody Attorney in Southlake

For you and, more importantly, your children, custody decisions must be taken seriously and thought through well. Experienced child custody attorneys provide the support and advocacy you and your family need during this difficult time.


One of the biggest challenges in custody decisions is how many factors are taken into consideration during custody decisions. In Southlake and other parts of Texas, the court will have the final decisions; however, the items a judge will consider are for the welfare of the children involved. This includes stability, safety, and a history of caregiving. If the child is above 12, their preferences may also be considered.


Before decision-making, a parent may request a temporary order. This outlines how custody will be handled during the divorce process. While used for child conservatorship and support, it can also extend into other areas like spousal support and property division.


Sole Custody versus Joint Custody

In Texas, custody agreements include conservatorship as well as possession and access. Depending on whether you have sole or joint custody, there are different ways it can be set up. Here are some details on what different types of custody can look like.

Sole Custody

  • The child has one primary residence.
  • One parent makes legal decisions for the child.
  • All matters of major significance are decided by one parent. 

Joint Custody

  • Children spend at least 35% of their time with each parent.
  • Parents make legal decisions for their child(ren) together.
  • Often keeps eligibility for assistance programs in mind.


To create a custody agreement that works for you, your spouse, and your children, find a team of custody lawyers with extensive experience creating appropriate custody agreements. The stakes can feel overwhelmingly high. Experienced lawyers know the challenges divorcing spouses in Southlake experience during custody battles and can keep conflict from spiraling out of control.

Your lawyer should keep the welfare of your children and family at the top of their mind. Preserving the family should be their top priority. Custody agreements can be emotionally charged and full of pitfalls, but your legal team is there to help you navigate the situation.

Southlake’s  Wood | Sanchez Law office knows how important your children are to you. With decades of experience in child custody cases, our team is dedicated to developing solutions that work for you and your children. Contact us today to talk to one of our legal professionals about how we can help.

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