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The comprehensive legal services from  Wood | Sanchez Law encompass all legal journeys that impact Southlake families. Family law is often about changes, and our firm is ready to help make those changes as smooth as possible. Whatever new realities your change brings,  Wood | Sanchez Law know how to help you make informed decisions.



Although it is the most common family law case, divorce is a painful, detailed process that most people don’t plan for. Our attorneys are here to be your partner and advocate throughout your transition.

Child Support
Parental Rights

Custody is often the most difficult part of a divorce. Children are the most important part of their parents’ lives. Our legal team is dedicated to finding secure, healthy custody arrangements.


Coming to a mutual agreement during a divorce is often the best outcome. Mediation brings both parties and their counsel together to reach a mutual understanding without going before a judge.


Estate planning can often slip between the cracks. With every major life event, you’ll need to look at your estate to ensure that your family is taken care of after you pass.

Family Law

Family law ranges from divorce to prenuptial agreements to emancipation and more. With a diverse set of procedural issues and regulations, all aspects of family law need specific, expert attention.


When a loved one dies, going through their assets is often the last thing you want to do. Working with an expert from Wood | Sanchez Law’s Southlake team makes this overwhelming process simple, abiding by the deceased’s wishes.

division of property

Dividing shared assets during a divorce is a difficult process. Whether possessions, investments, or property, it’s crucial to have a legal advocate to ensure your needs are met.


A will protects your family and gives you peace of mind. The  Wood | Sanchez Law team knows how to navigate a will’s complexities to ensure that your wishes are met.


Each financial portfolio is different.  Wood | Sanchez Law provides customized legal services to aid you in creating your perfect trust in a way that ensures your personal interests are prioritized.

business matters

Whether you’re starting a business or navigating a dispute, your legal team is there to help you avoid pitfalls and future issues. Our team provides general counsel for any business.

civil litigation

Civil litigation encompasses most lawsuits. Whether going to court or settling, civil cases in Southlake require competent, dedicated legal counsel.

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