Child Support in Southlake

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What about my children?

Child Support Lawyer in Southlake

All children deserve the support they need to be well-cared for and fulfilled. That’s why divorced Southlake parents often have child support agreements in place. Child support payments allow noncustodial parents to keep their children’s lives safe and comfortable with all their needs met.


Get Help Determining Child Support Amounts

Discussions about child support are independent of a parent’s ability to physically care for their children. While it can be viewed as a punitive treatment, child support payments are a loving gift that allows the noncustodial parent to make sure that their children have their needs met. The difficulty lies in determining the appropriate amount.

While they may seem straightforward, there are a lot of items that can complicate child support decisions. Financial status can be in constant flux, while support payments need to be made regularly. One of the more complex child support issues is when a spouse moves to a different state. Employment situations also impact payments, with child support occasionally stolen by employers or sometimes there is difficulty receiving payments from independent contractors.

Four Factors that Help Determine Child Support Payments

Finding a reasonable sum is one of the most complicated parts of deciding on child support payments. Too much puts undue stress on the noncustodial parent, while not enough impacts the welfare of shared children. These are just a few factors that go into deciding on child support payments.

  • A noncustodial parent pays 20% of the net income for one child and 5% for each additional child.
  • This increases to 40% with more than 4 children.
  • Unemployment does not affect child support.
  • If children are in multiple households, child support will be adjusted.

Hiring a Southlake Attorney for Child Support

Hiring a child support attorney is necessary whether you’re the custodial or noncustodial parent. These decisions marry financial matters and child welfare. It’s vital to find an attorney who cares about the safety of your family.

Your attorney is there to help you navigate all of the twists and turns of custody and child support. With your children’s welfare at stake, your attorney will work with you to determine how your needs and the needs of your children will impact child support payments. Finding an attorney to be by your side throughout the process takes any conflict out of your hands.

When creating child support agreements, the experienced  Wood | Sanchez Law team can help Southlake parents develop a plan that provides their children with the care they need. All parents deserve an ally during their divorce. If you’re looking for someone to advocate for you and your children, give us a call to discuss your options.

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