Civil Litigation in Southlake

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Disagreements are an unavoidable part of life

When disagreements turn into legal disputes, you’ll likely be facing civil litigation. Civil litigation is a way for conflicts to resolve through the courts when two parties cannot compromise. If your case is going to court, it’s a good idea to have a civil lawyer by your side.


Civil litigation is the proper term for what’s commonly considered a standard lawsuit. This broad area can encompass family issues, real estate disputes, and more. Unlike criminal litigation, civil litigation doesn’t seek punishment. It seeks compensation for damages.

Some of the challenges facing civil litigation are the lengthy process. In Southlake, cases tend to take around 18 months to resolve. Much of this time is spent gathering information that may have been lost or overlooked depending on when the dispute started. A strong legal partner makes finding relevant information to support your case less time-consuming.


Civil Litigation Process

While lengthy, the civil litigation process has some set steps. Here is what you can expect.


  1. Research: learning whether your claim is viable
  2. Filing: submitting a petition to ask the court for the ideal outcome
  3. Notice & Response: notifying entities impacted by the case
  4. Discovery: gathering and exchanging evidence
  5. Trial: presenting the case to a judge
  6. Evidence & Objections: going over and disputing evidence
  7. Default Adjustments: post-trial help if you were improperly notified
  8. Enforcement: ensuring the judge’s decision is followed
  9. Appeals: taking an unfavorable result to an appellate court

Why You Need a Lawyer

While people can represent themselves during civil litigation, it is always a good idea to consider hiring Southlake legal counsel. Without counsel, making your way through the complex Texas court system can be difficult, costing you time and money. Because of the complexities, it is often even more expensive to represent yourself in court.

Legal help is even a good idea when civil disputes can be settled outside of court. Deciding whether to settle or go to court is a big decision, and competent legal advice can clarify the right path. Your attorney can ensure that you receive all the benefits you deserve. 

If you’re looking for legal counsel for an existing or future dispute, the knowledgeable team at Wood | Sanchez Law is ready to help you. With over 20 years of combined experience, our legal experts know how to find a solution to difficult Southlake conflicts. Contact a team member to have a strong civil lawyer by your side, no matter the case.

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