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Divorce in Southlake

When A Marriage Is No Longer In The Best Interest Of Both Spouses, Divorce Becomes The Best Option bringing feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and hurt, making it hard to make rational decisions. That’s why it’s essential to seek legal counsel. Your Southlake legal team from Wood | Sanchez Law can help you stay objective during an emotionally charged process.


Divorce is complicated

No matter the situation, there are many challenges facing divorcing spouses. One of the most challenging aspects is property division. Many spouses share money, investments, property, and more. An equitable division of assets often requires neutral legal teams to avoid messy disputes.

The most important challenge divorcing spouses navigate is developing a custody agreement. When children are involved, you’ll need an attorney to keep your children’s safety and well-being in mind when offering solutions. Wood | Sanchez Law is prepared to advocate for you and your family while transitioning custody.

The Texas Divorce Process

Every state has its own divorce process, and Texas is no different. Any adult can file for divorce; however, working with a divorce attorney is often beneficial. While working with an attorney, you will go through four steps.

  • Petition: A petition initiates the divorce process. The spouse that sends the petition is called the Petitioner.
  • Waiver: A waiver guarantees that the other spouse (known as the Respondent) has received the petition for divorce from the Petitioner.
  • Answer: The Respondent can file a response to the Petitioner.
  • Divorce Decree: A divorce decree instates the terms and makes the divorce official.


While divorce in Southlake, TX, doesn’t require an attorney, it is essential to seek legal counsel to protect yourself. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, having an attorney by your side is the best way to get a full view of each decision’s impact on your life.  Wood | Sanchez Law can help define how those small details can mean a big change for you.

In addition to clarifying the murky waters of divorce proceedings, your legal team provides allyship and advocacy. Both parties deserve a say in a divorce resolution. Your needs matter; when you cannot voice them, an attorney can ensure they are heard. 

When looking for a divorce lawyer, look for an experienced team that helps you keep your intentions clear throughout the entire process. With more than four decades of combined experience, the Southlake office of Wood | Sanchez Law is prepared to lead you with clear communication and quality service. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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