Family Law in Southlake

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Southlake Family law

Family law commonly refers to divorce but encompasses all legal matters that impact familial relationships, when the family is involved, emotions can run high. If your family structure is being altered, you’ll need a competent, trustworthy family law expert. Wood | Sanchez Law can help.


What is Family Law?

Family law encompasses many challenging topics. The biggest concern is how highly charged situations impact decision-making ability. This is where objective legal counsel can help the most. By providing a neutral view, your Southlake legal counsel from Wood | Sanchez Law can provide peace of mind that your case’s resolution keeps your family’s best interests in mind.

Being in the center of a family dispute can often make you feel unheard. Family law is sensitive by nature, and objectivity doesn’t have to exist without compassion. Your legal team should provide you with facts and clear communication while understanding your difficult situation.

Areas of Family Law

When looking into what type of case is right for your familial dispute, there’s a good chance it will fall under family law. Most of the time, family law refers to divorce. However, it encompasses many other types of disputes. Any time that a family structure is changing legally, it is likely that one or more family law cases will follow. These are just some of the varieties of cases that family law encompasses.


  • Adoption
  • Custody
  • Emancipation
  • Conservatorship
  • Child Support
  • Visitation
  • Abuse
  • Stalking
  • Reproductive rights

How We Can Help

It isn’t easy to find objectivity during an emotionally charged time. Your legal team is there to help you consider the larger picture while you heal. Wood | Sanchez Law’s Southlake team has extensive experience in all aspects of family law and understands how important it is to approach family disputes with compassion.

With transparency and communication, good legal help clarifies the murkiness of family law. Whatever the outcome, settling your dispute with the help of competent legal counsel guarantees that your voice has been heard. Your positive relationship with our team helps to future-proof your decisions and informs any future legal assistance you may need.

The team at  Wood | Sanchez Law is experienced in all matters of family law. As a neutral party, your legal counsel should help you consider your options as objectively as possible. Contact our Southlake team today to learn how we can advocate for your needs during this difficult time.

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