Summer Vacations End Marriages #Fact

What Are The Statistics Showing?

The end of your summer vacation may be the beginning of your divorce according to research out of Washington University. Statistics are showing evidence that divorces have been occurring seasonally (post summer or holiday vacations) for at least 14 years now. You may be eagerly awaiting your upcoming holidays, but they still can be stressful. This plays a big role in why summer vacations tend to end marriages. The combination of high expectations and stress can expose cracks in the foundation of any fragile marriage. Consequently, people will begin to file for divorce in August, usually after repeated failed attempts to salvage the marriage throughout the summer.

Why Is Summer Ideal for Divorce?

Summer love can happen so fast, however, divorce is another story. Divorcing your partner is a lengthy process, which is primarily why summer is an ideal time to get the proceedings started. First, a person will not typically file for divorce impulsively. This is a decision that will be heavily scrutinized, perhaps over the long summer. Secondly, you will need to examine the practical ramifications. There are logistical issues to consider that range from mundane to intricate. Lastly, once the decision is solidified in your mind, you must begin to take inventory. You’ll need to create a list that includes, but obviously is not limited to assets, records and bank statements. So, once again, it now stands to reason why summer vacations end marriages. Ultimately, the summer makes for an ideal time to perform these actions.

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