Surviving Valentines Day After Divorce

A Glaring Reminder

Basically, I’ve always found this holiday a bit stressful, whether in a relationship or not. So it’s not surprising that surviving Valentines Day after a divorce can be rough. Especially when viewing it through the lens of social media. That brings us to the reminder… that you don’t need yet another reminder that you’re single. Skip the social media and immerse yourself in your favorite things that day. This, of all days, is not the time to dwell on the past. It’s a new day, a new holiday, if you will… and that means a new way of experiencing it.

Remember the 4 “B’s”

Admittingly, divorce is more than a legal circumstance. It’s deeply personal. To survive your divorce and move forward toward your best life, you can’t allow the legal outcome of your past relationship to overshadow your personal care. You have to practice the four B’s.

  • Be OK to grieve- Crying is your body’s natural stress reliever, use it, it’s free!
  • Build a tribe of people you love- Now go hang out with them, it’s possible they may need you too.
  • Be your best advocate- Treat yourself the way you would treat the nicest person you know. Think about that for a second.
  • Be good to yourself– Go get takeout from your favorite restaurant. I mean…does anyone ever get good service at restaurants on Valentines Day anyway?

Share Your Love on Valentines Day

You may be inclined to simply write off, ignore or cancel the whole day due to lack of a partner. Keep in mind, the (modern version of this) holiday’s whole purpose is to celebrate and share love. Do you love your family, your friends, co-workers, neighbors? Surely you do, and just because you’re no longer married, in a relationship or dating, doesn’t mean you have less love to share. It actually means that you have more to go around. Take three minutes and jot down your favorite people and things to do… BOOM, you now have ideas for surviving Valentines Day after divorce!

Post Divorce or Divorcing?

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