Thanksgiving After Divorce

Divorced During The Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be filled with love and making memories to last a lifetime. When you’re divorced during the holidays though, it can prove difficult to still see through the same lens. When it comes to Thanksgiving after divorce, it pays off to plan and prepare. Things are going to be different, no matter if you have children or not, your spouse is no longer in the picture. We’re here to hopefully provide that alternative lens and help you survive and thrive this Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks

The first step to remember this Thanksgiving is what the holiday is centered on; giving thanks. You may feel like this is impossible, but think of how far you’ve already come. You can and should first give thanks to yourself for all you’ve done. Getting divorced is not an easy road to travel alone, so be sure to have your support team in place. Here are 4 quick tips to help you post-divorce give thanks and get through this Thanksgiving:

  • Assemble Your Team- People are very welcoming and it’s most likely you’ve already received invitations to “come eat” or “stop by”. Take advantage of those opportunities and be embraced by those who love you. If you can’t handle a whole house full of people, there’s always another divorcee or single friend, perhaps with no family in town who could also use a friendly face.
  • Co-Parenting App- If you have children, using a co-parenting app, like Our Family Wizard (not sponsored) can ease the stress of scheduling and difficult face-to-face conversations. Those are the last things anyone wants to deal with during Thanksgiving.
  • Traditions– Indulge in those family traditions you had growing up, they bring a sense of nostalgia. Even better, come up with a new tradition! You’re in a new chapter of your life, try out something new and see how it feels.
  • Volunteer- There is something cathartic about volunteering your time. It’s truly a win-win situation during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Remember, you’re not alone.

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