Using A Co-Parenting App

Improved Communication

Tensions are typically running high post divorce when it comes to the logistics of co-parenting. Simply communicating about the practical aspects are difficult enough, but having to do so with the one person you probably don’t want to see or hear from can feel daunting. This is why, very often, a court will recommend organizational apps to assist in this process. A co-parenting app can be extremely helpful to improving communication without having to deal directly with your ex.

What To Look For In An App

There are a variety of factors to look for in an app. This depends on your own unique situation and level of comfort with using apps in general. A couple features to be on the lookout for are:

  • Privacy- Ensure that the app doesn’t sell your information to third parties. It’s most likely that you’ll be discussing finances, personal information, your children’s medical information, etc. Making sure this data is protected is a priority.
  • A Calendar- One of the main benefits is a shared calendar with real time updates. When utilized properly, this can be a one stop shop for all appointments, rehearsals or who gets the children on certain holidays.
  • Messaging- All messages should be logged and recorded without the ability to edit. This ensures that all parties involved are accountable. If need be, they can be exported to your attorney or the Judge, if requested.
  • Expenses- The ability to track expenses, payments and other pertinent bank info is invaluable once you realize you don’t have to interact directly with your ex. Also, it lends to the idea of accountability.

Our Family Wizard” is an app that is listed as being recommended by most family attorneys and is also court-approved. We can attest to this as we highly recommend this app as well (not sponsored)! Most apps will have a free trial period so you can determine if it’s the right app for you. However, even after the trial period, most are very affordable and worth every penny.

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