My Ex Is Bad-Mouthing Me Online

How To Combat A Troll?

If your ex is bad-mouthing you to your children, friends or online, we sympathize. However, if there’s one thing that we’ve tried to impress upon our clients, it’s this: stay away from social media during your divorce. While it may be tempting to unload your frustrations about your ex online, DON’T DO IT. There may be heavy ramifications that can come from bad-mouthing your ex online. These can range from emotional fallout, negative consequences in your ongoing divorce, to even a civil lawsuit. The best way to combat a troll bad-mouthing you is to simply not respond, at least online anyways.

How Do I Respond?

Although we don’t recommend responding online to any troll or bully, we do recommend taking action:

  • Keep Detailed Records- The best thing to do in response to your ex bad-mouthing you online is to take screenshots of any negative or disparaging comment. This can include social media, but can also extend to group chats or texts messages. Provide these to your attorney immediately so that they may advise you appropriately.

  • DO NOT PARTICIPATE- Again, and we cannot stress this enough. Do not participate in the back and forth of the commentary. Resist the urge to combat any statements, defend yourself or dispute any attacks. The cost of these responses alone are not worth it in the end.

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It’s important to try to not let emotions cloud your judgment, despite the many emotions that can accompany divorce, such as anger, betrayal, and brokenness. After the option of divorce, is chosen, divorce essentially becomes a business transaction. However, your life after divorce will be affected by your choices, whether you choose to fight until the end or surrender right away. Reach out to us on our website, DM or call us today at 888-981-7509. Our team of attorneys can use their expertise to fight for you and reach an agreement in your specific case. 

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