Why Choose Mediation?

Texas Mediation

When contemplating divorce in Texas, why choose mediation? Not only can mediation save money versus divorce, but it promotes a positive dispute resolution rather than adversarial procedures. If both parties agree in writing, or by order of the court, the court may refer a divorce case to mediation. Texas has rules that guide parties during the process, see the Texas Family Code 6.602(b) for specifics. Mediation is also a great way for people to resolve their disagreements and reach a final agreement amicably.

If mediation succeeds, the spouses are able to avoid going before a judge. They can decide between themselves and with the assistance of counsel, the best decisions for their future. You should consider choosing to have certified mediators assist you in this process. Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law offers certified mediators for divorce in Texas. They can help you work through your proceedings and reach a final agreement.

Things to Know About Mediation

  • Court Ordered vs Voluntary Mediation– One thing to know about court ordered mediation is that a judge will directly order both parties to give mediation a chance before taking things to trial. It is very clear. This could be due to a variety of comprehensive issues related to your case. Do you have complex financial or custodial issues? On the contrary, you can opt to take this route when two parties feel they can amicably resolve their issues. This can serve to reduce financial costs and stress.
  • Objection to Mediation (Family Violence)– Again, mediation can be helpful when both people have equal power. This means both people must be able to say what they want without fear or pressure. If the abuser is used to being in charge and making all the decisions, mediation probably won’t work very well. Mediation may be even more of a problem if your spouse abused you and you don’t have a lawyer, skewing the balance even further. If you’re a survivor of family or domestic violence, require that your mediator takes measures to ensure your safety. So, then why choose mediation? This can route can include utilize wonderful tools and methods such as no face-to-face contact and separate rooms for each party during mediation.

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