Business Matters in Roanoke

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helping small businesses

Are you a small business owner focused on creating and building long-term relationships?

The best way to avoid business-related issues in the future is to hire a professional to help you create a plan. Wood | Sanchez Law helps Roanoke companies accomplish their goals. Let us help you with the start-up process, investments, litigations, and other matters that could make or break or business.


These are just some of the avoidable legal problems Texas businesses sometimes face:

Business Formation

Choosing the wrong business structure leads to serious legal and tax issues when establishing your company. Your business must be structured as a corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship.


Texas business licensing requirements must be followed from the start of the company. To remain compliant, you must renew your license annually to avoid cancellations, suspensions, and other penalties.

Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks

Copyrights and patents protect new products your business develops. A trademark, on the other hand, protects the name of a product or company you already own. If any of these are violated, you have the right to sue.

Legal Business Matter Protection

We built our Roanoke business transaction practice on our experience in business litigations. We specialize in protecting your business so that you can ensure it thrives. Our expertise enables us to assist you with preventing costly disputes detrimental to your business.

The attorneys at Wood | Sanchez Law offer contractual writing and legal counsel in many areas, such as:

  • Business Contracts
  • Business Formations
  • Business Transactions
  • Business Planning
  • Business Acquisitions
  • Business Mergers
  • Business Bankruptcies
  • Business Dissolutions

How Can Wood | Sanchez Law Help?

Our Texas business attorneys provide general legal counsel for small to medium-sized businesses and corporations. We help companies like yours build long-term professional relationships. Get the advice you need to build your start-up and investment portfolio and achieve your business goals.

Hiring us to represent your company helps you avoid potential issues in the future. We offer cost-effective solutions for defending your company and your rights. We strive to reach an amicable resolution to your business-related disputes.

Wood | Sanchez Law Roanoke Business Affairs

Protect your business and its assets with legal advice and representation from your local industry leaders. Our Roanoke business lawyers help you avoid and fight legal issues that arise. Call Wood | Sanchez Law at (888) 981-7506 or schedule your consultation online today.

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