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Here For Your Family

Law Firm in Roanoke, TX

With over 40 years of combined expertise and experience, our legal team handles simple and complex family matters in the Roanoke area. 

Each attorney specializes in specific practice areas, providing you with a one-stop legal shop for dealing with complicated cases related to family law. Wood | Sanchez Law of Roanoke, Texas, offers diverse experiences for the exceptional results you deserve.



Get your marriage legally dissolved with the right attorney. Never allow your spouse’s attorney to represent both of you. Hire a divorce attorney of your own for fair, legal results.

Child Support
Parental Rights

You may get stuck with an unfair custody and child support agreement without an attorney. Hiring a family law attorney gives you a fair advantage when fighting for your kids in court.


Also known as dispute intervention services or arbitration, mediation helps you state your case for the record without appearing in court before a judge. All parties are handled fairly.


 Make sure you have a good plan in place and all the necessary paperwork is intact to protect your real estate, savings, and other assets when needed.

Family Law

We assist both plaintiffs and defendants with family legal matters. Settle your family issues quickly and fairly with a family law attorney who knows your rights and responsibilities.


Fighting in probate court can take years and thousands of dollars before coming to a resolution. Make sure you have an attorney fighting for your legal rights.

division of property

There’s no need to fight over property when you’re going through a divorce. Our attorneys handle property division disputes for you because divorces are stressful enough without worrying about dividing assets.


Your last will and testament lets your loved ones and the courts know how to handle your assets and heirs after you die. Without a will, your beneficiaries may end up in probate court.


Unlike many wills, a trust is incontestable. You appoint someone you trust to act as your trustee in the event that you can’t handle your affairs on your end.

business matters

Sometimes, entrepreneurs and small business owners find themselves in court fighting legal matters. Never fight a company or corporation without an attorney to help you navigate the complicated court process for businesses.

civil litigation

During serious civil matters, plaintiffs and defendants need legal counsel to protect their rights. These lawyers also help ensure you don’t say anything that can be used against you in court.

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