Child Support in Roanoke

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What about my children?

Child Support Lawyers in Roanoke, TX

If you believe you’re entitled to child support payments in Texas, you need legal representation. These payments help provide for the children, including housing, food, medical expenses, clothing, and other necessities.  Wood | Sanchez Law of Roanoke helps you get the financial support you deserve.


How to apply for child support in Texas

A custodial parent can apply in person or online to open a child support case. Your local office will contact the other parent to schedule a conference for negotiations.

How do Texas courts determine child support amounts for a noncustodial parent?

  • This parent must pay 20% of his/her net income when one child is involved and an extra 5% for each additional child
  • If the case involves five or more children, no less than 40% of the net income must be contributed
  • A child support order may be modified if the noncustodial parent has children living in multiple different households

How does Texas collect child support payments?

  • Paycheck deductions
  • Money orders and checks
  • Online payments

Why Roanoke Child Support Payments Become Complicated

Interstate Complications

When one state court grants child support to a custodial parent and that parent relocates to another state, the laws where the support was granted take precedence. 

Employment Status Changes

The most common complications related to collecting child support are when the parent stops working or becomes an entrepreneur or independent contractor. Because the parent is no longer employed, there are no wages, which makes the situation more complex.

Systematic Issues

These problems could be related to delayed or inaccurate information in the Texas child support computer system. This may lead to automatic and unfair penalties for the parent ordered to pay support.

How Can Wood | Sanchez Law Help?

We understand the guidelines used to determine who pays child support and how much. Our team considers circumstances that affect your ability to collect support for your kids.

Our family law attorneys have the experience and expertise to resolve custody disputes. Let us help you get the support you deserve during your Texas divorce or other custody cases.

Wood | Sanchez Law Roanoke Child Support Cases

At Wood | Sanchez Law, we aim to negotiate a child support agreement that’s fair to the child and both parents. You need legal counsel to ensure you don’t ask for too much or get less than you deserve.

If you have questions, we’re here to help. Contact Wood | Sanchez Law of Roanoke at (888) 981-7509 or schedule a consultation online today.

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