Child Custody in Roanoke

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What about my children?

Child Custody Attorneys in Roanoke, TX

It’s not always easy deciding who gets custody of minor children. A child custody attorney helps you navigate the legal process while protecting your parental rights.  Wood | Sanchez Lawof Texas helps you fight for the best outcome during your Roanoke custody case.


Here are some challenges faced during Texas custody cases:


Disrupting visitation can cause stress for both the children and the parents. Some parents refuse to follow court orders because of child support issues and other reasons. In such cases, going to court multiple times may be the only option.


When a custodial parent moves to another state, visitation can become complicated for the other parent. The parent with sole custody must get permission from the court before the move, which allows the other parent to fight the move in court.


Often, parents disagree about how their children should be raised during child custody cases. Coming up with a fair agreement about their upbringing may require a judge’s ruling or mediation.

Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody in Roanoke, Texas

Texas family law divides child custody cases into two categories: conservatorship and possession and access. The law presumes that both parties should manage conservatorships jointly. However, determining the child’s primary residence can be a complicated legal process.

Sole Custody

In Texas, custody is referred to as conservatorship, which is the legal duties and rights of one or both parents. That party has sole custody when one parent has full physical custody and conservatorship rights.

Joint Custody

When both parents have equal rights and responsibilities to the child, it’s referred to as joint custody. This requires the parents to work as a team for the child’s best interests.

How Can Wood | Sanchez Law Help?

During Roanoke child custody cases, we focus on the best interests of each individual client. We look for common and creative avenues to resolve custody issues fairly. Our firm will fight for you in court or assist you with mediation if both parties agree.

For parents, family takes top priority in life. We work hard to help you make the best decisions for your child’s future when custody is at stake. Our lawyers guide you through the process while keeping your child’s needs in mind.

Wood | Sanchez Law Roanoke Child Custody Attorneys

At Wood | Sanchez Law, we act as child advocates who use our legal expertise to fight for your legal rights. We’ll help you reach an agreement that meets your child’s needs. Call us at (888) 981-7509 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today.

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