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When divorce is inevitable, Wood | Sanchez Law Divorce Attorneys help you maneuver the legal process. Reduce your stress. Hire a Roanoke divorce lawyer to stand up to your spouse’s counsel and help you fight for what you deserve.

Texas allows spouses to divorce without legal representation. However, with complicated or contested divorces, you need an attorney to speak for you during meetings, arbitrations, and in court. This is especially true if the divorce involves assets, businesses, or children, or your spouse has already hired legal representation for your Texas divorce. 

You need a legal professional to stop your spouse from taking assets, damaging the business you built, or leaving you with less than you deserve. Get the child custody, child support, and spousal support you need to restart your life with an attorney who knows what it takes to win Roanoke divorce cases.


What Forms Do I Need to File for a Texas Divorce?

These are the Texas Divorce forms used in most typical cases in this state:

  • Petition for Divorce – This legal document initiates or starts the divorce proceedings. The spouse who filed the divorce petition is referred to as the ‘Petitioner.’
  • Waiver of Service – The other spouse, the ‘Respondent,’ must receive formal notice of the divorce petition from the Petitioner. Typically, the Respondent signs a Waiver notifying the court that the notice was received, waiving the Respondent’s right to service by a court deputy.
  •  Answer – The Respondent can file an Answer or response to the petition instead of a Waiver. This also confirms that notice was received.
  • Decree – Once finalized, the court makes the divorce official with a Decree that outlines the divorce terms.

How Can Texas Divorce Attorneys Help?

We provide clients with Texas divorce counsel, asset and division guidance, mediation services, and other legal solutions. Our attorneys are committed to helping you survive your divorce with effective counsel and important resources. 

Our eBook, the Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Divorce, helps you maneuver through the various stages of the proceedings, both personally and legally. Prepare yourself for moving forward with the free resources you need as you embark on your next phase in life.

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Wood | Sanchez Law Texas Divorce Attorneys

With over 40 years of combined legal experience and expertise,  Wood | Sanchez Law offers affordable legal solutions, effective communication, and outstanding customer service. 

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