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Mediation Lawyers in Roanoke, TX

Mediation helps you finalize an agreement between yourselves using legal assistance without appearing in court. Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law certified mediators help you maneuver your Texas divorce negotiations confidentially.

When divorcing spouses choose mediation, they meet with a professionally trained, usually in an office or other informal environment. Because the mediator is a neutral party, your attorney can’t negotiate for you during the meetings. This process is also more expensive than a simple DIY divorce, but you’re not left representing yourself in court before a judge.

Mediation may not be suitable for your circumstances if you and your spouse have a power imbalance. Both parties must agree to the process, which requires complete honesty from the Petitioner and the Respondent to reach a fair agreement. When the parties work together, mediation can be a smooth process.


Benefits of Roanoke Divorce Mediation

1. Resolved Faster

Hiring an attorney to represent you in divorce court could lead to a long battle. It could take years for a family court judge to get to your case. Mediations proceed based on the schedules of you and your spouse.

2. More Control

When things are at least slightly amicable, mediation allows spouses to determine their fates instead of putting their lives in the hands of a judge. Your mediator will enable you to address any issues and come up with creative solutions fair to both parties.

3. Less Costly

Generally, spouses split mediation costs. And there are no court fees. This keeps costs lower than those of divorces requiring court appearances and judicial rulings. You can even hire an attorney to guide you through the process.

How Can Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law Help?

At Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law, we tailor our services for each client. We aim to educate you on your rights while fighting for what you deserve when dissolving your Texas marriage. Our smaller settings help us serve you better while creating a client-lawyer relationship you can trust.

You can count on us for family matters the way your family counts on you! We provide legal assistance with divorces, child custody and support, family law, mediation, property division, business matters, and more. We have what it takes to represent you and your interests with confidence.

Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law Mediation Services

When a DIY divorce is too complicated, and you don’t want to go to court, mediation is the best process for your Roanoke case. Contact Abercrombie, Sanchez & Wood Law to schedule a consultation with a Texas-certified divorce mediator today.

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