Division of Property in Roanoke

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Wood | Sanchez Law Property Division

Often, going through a divorce means dividing marital property between spouses. Some also need help protecting their separate property. When facing divorce, you need an attorney who understands Texas property laws to help relieve some of your stress. Wood | Sanchez Law of Roanoke will represent you while protecting your assets and your family’s future.


Challenges of Property Division in Roanoke, Texas Divorces

Sometimes, divorcing spouses face challenges during the division of property:


Some assets aren’t considered community property. This could be property acquired before marriage, through inheritance, a personal injury settlement, or as a gift. In such cases, one party may file a reimbursement claim. A lawyer ensures it’s filed correctly.

Actual Fraud

Under Taxes law, a spouse cannot transfer or give marital property to someone outside the marital union without their spouse’s approval. They also cannot deprive the other party of enjoying and using marital assets. These are considered actual fraud (or constructive fraud), requiring a legal battle for resolution.

Characterizing Texas Property During a Divorce

Here are the breakdowns of the most common types of property addressed during a divorce in Roanoke:

Community Property

In Texas, community property is assets either property acquires during the marriage. Both parties share ownership equally. Upon divorce, these assets must be divided between the two parties fairly, no matter whose name is on the marital property.

Separate Property

Property one spouse owned before the marriage or acquired during the marriage as a gift or through a personal injury settlement or inheritance is known as separate property. This property is not subject to division during a Texas divorce. Your attorney is responsible for filing the required request paperwork when you own this type of property.

Commingling of Property

Sometimes, community and separate properties become commingled (or combined) during the marriage. This complicates the process of determining which category under which these assets fall. The best Texas divorce attorney helps you understand the process before going to court.

How Can Wood | Sanchez Law Help?

Dividing property fairly during a divorce requires professional and legal expertise and guidance. Your attorney helps you navigate complex asset disputes to preserve and protect your estate rights. 

This professional knows how to identify wasteful spending and locate hidden assets your spouse tries to keep from you. This ensures that you get what you deserve in the end.

Wood | Sanchez Law Roanoke Property Division

Protect your assets with the legal assistance you need. Our Texas divorce lawyers protect your estate rights by representing you fairly and ethically. Call us at (888) 981-7506 or schedule your consultation Wood | Sanchez Law of Roanoke today.

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