Children’s Bill of Rights

Texas Children Bill of Rights

After your divorce in Texas, one of the court’s top priorities is protecting the well-being of children by putting their interests first.

Surviving Valentines Day After Divorce

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Basically, I’ve always found this holiday a bit stressful, whether in a relationship or not. So it’s not surprising that surviving Valentines Day after a divorce can be rough.

Divorced Dad on Valentines Day?

Divorced Dad on Valentines day

Well, here you are, a divorced dad on Valentines day. You may feel jaded on a day that is dedicated to love and romance and that’s understandable.

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

If you’ve ever wondered “how much does divorce cost”, the documentary, Divorce Corp. just might be for you. Currently, it shows that the family law industry is racking up as much as $50 billion a year.